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Masterclass Weekend Series with Sannyasi Śivani

Join Sannyasi Śivani, a world class teacher with 1000+ hours of intensive Yoga training for an enlightening deep dive weekend. 5 sessions are being offered in various areas of focus starting Friday November 24th to Sunday November 26th.

Foundations of Mantra
Friday November 24
6:00 – 8:00pm

Mantra: Sacred words, sacred sound. Join us for an evening of mantra chanting. The healing power of mantra goes back thousands of years. The mantras will be explained, and written sheets provided. A great foundation for those wanting to offer their voice during class. Learn the Sanskrit pronunciation, English meanings, and tunes.

2 Hours – $59

Exploring the Chakras
Saturday November 25
12:30 – 2:30pm

This class will be a juicy bite sized introduction to Sn Śivani’s intensive Chakra immersion program. Learn how to stimulate and purify each chakra through individualized practice including mantra, asana, and kriyas.

2 Hours – $59

Prana in the Pose
Saturday November 25
3:00 – 5:30pm

An exploration of Asana through the Vayus – or winds of the body, and how they are a crucial link between “doing” a posture, and “evolving” through a mandala or gesture of light using the body. When we link the Mind’s focus–the awareness of Prana or energy, and the optimal alignment for each of our bodies–we can truly start to experience, absorb, and calibrate our frequencies to the medicine of each Yoga Asana pose.

2.5 Hours – $74

Shifting Paradigms: Moving Consciously from 3D to 5D Reality
Sunday November 26
1:00 – 3:00pm

This newly inspired offering is an opportunity to sit with openness as Sn Śivani explains the difference between 3D and 5D and furthers the discussion on Density and Dimensions with regards to our collective shift. Our world around us as we know it is in flux and thus our perception of our world is changing as well. She will peel back the layers of our embodiment (Koshas) and bring clarity to your engagement through the terms Temperament and Essence. From this you will learn to recognize the signs that you are shifting, as well as signs as to which dimension you are currently engaged with. A guided meditation and toning will also be included to support and balance the intellectual information with an embodied experience.

2 Hours – $59

Asana Masterclass
Sunday November 26
3:30 – 5:30pm

Experience a 90-minute Yoga Asana Masterclass integrating all of the lessons of the weekend. This is an incredible opportunity to evolve your practice on the mat into a moving prayer. There will be 30 minutes following the practice for questions and answers.

2 Hours – $59

Full Weekend (includes all 5 sessions) $279
**Early bird pricing until Oct 31 $249**

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