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Post-Natal Yoga for Mom & Baby with Jonni-Lyn Friel

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Welcome to motherhood! Whether you are a first time mom or you have children already, bringing a new person into the world is both wonderful and challenging!

Join us for a fun and nourishing Mom and Baby class. This class is designed for both the Mom to move, stretch and meet other mom’s, as well as for the baby. Most people have heard about the importance of yoga during pregnancy, but there is less awareness about how yoga can go on enhancing the mother’s physical and mental well being once the baby is born. Postnatal classes emphasize stretches that relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulders and support spine and pelvis stability as the body transitions out of pregnancy. It is gentle and helps mom strengthen the pelvic floor, abdomen and recover from fatigue and changes in sleep and eating patterns in a supportive environment.

Mom and Baby classes also include massage, stretches and gentle yoga for the baby that is fun for the baby. Come and learn new ways to calm the baby using yoga, breathing and singing. Crying, pooping, leaking, diapering, feeding—-everything is not only accepted here , but welcomed!

No previous yoga experience is necessary and all babies up until crawling are welcome.

About Jonni-Lyn:

Jonni-Lyn Friel is a certified Pre and Post natal Yoga teacher. She has been guiding women in Prenatal yoga for the last 9 years. A mother herself, she found the practices of yoga to help her on her own pregnancy journey and loves to share her practices through humor, warmth and compassion. Through her school Namaha Yoga School, she has led many Prenatal and Postnatal trainings, guiding other teachers through the certification process.

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