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Specialty Offering

Psychology of Yoga ~ Love of Self–On & Off the Mat with Sonja Foss

Monday, October 9th 1:30 to 3:30pm – $49 + GST

Cultivating a practice of yoga allows us to explore a higher state of consciousness that the yogis call “Samadhi” (aka BLISS/Enlightenment). Maybe you’ve had moments of incredible insight or relaxation on your mat. What if you could start experiencing that no matter where you were?

This is where the Psychology of Yoga comes in. In this specialty class, you will learn about 3 particular heavy hitters responsible for the majority of physical & emotional & mental tension you experience. You’ll also get to explore ways that you can transcend these tense experiences wherever you are, whenever you choose.

Join Sonja Foss, ERYT 500, Transformation Mindset Expert & Psychology Researcher who has utilized these very teachings to transform her own life, in every area and in every way.

Things to bring:

  • Personal yoga mat (optional)
  • Journal and pen
  • An intention to personally use these teachings to enhance your own ability to practice releasing tension in all ways

Things to expect:

  • Teachings rooted in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, & yoga texts (Upanishads)
  • Exploration of a sweaty & edge demystifying powerful yoga practice
  • An experience to remember into deep surrender
  • A sealing circle of Om’s & discussion on your biggest takeaways & a sense of connection to community that nourishes the soul

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