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Sink into Stillness

Sunday, December 19
2pm – 5pm
$55 per person
Hosted by Lynsay Pacey

Winter Solstice marks the astronomical beginning of winter. The light has dwindled to its lowest point and the natural world is at rest…however deep in the darkness a spark is lit and waxing year gently begins.

On the longest night of the year the astrological sign of Capricorn ushers us into the season of deep winter. Although the demands of this season can pull us away from our dark sanctuary, this is a time of maximum yin when we require the same rest & quietude that Nature does.

It is the energy of the Water element that will nourish the inner reflection and quiet contemplation necessary to attune to our soul’s inspiration. Solstice means ‘sun stands still’, as it appears for a few days that the sun rises & sets in the same position on the horizon.

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