Summer Women's Circle With Jonni-Lyn Friel • All Ways Yoga

Specialty Offering

Full Moon Women’s Circle With Jonni-Lynn Friel

Saturday, July 16th
$35 per person


This full moon is the Buck Moon and offers us ways to grow, share and release.

People have always gathered in circles. To celebrate, to join together and to share. During the Full Moon, it was a magical time to come together under the light of the moon, when the moon is at the height of power, energy, illumination, and the peak of clarity. It represents the culmination of the month before it and all the dreams and wishes we cast out on the New Moon. We can feel it in the energy that runs through our blood, body and veins.

The Full Moon sheds light on the darkness. Like a flashlight, it shines light in even the darkest of places. Nothing — no cobweb or dark corner — can hide in the light and illumination of the Full Moon. This is the emergence of energy and growth within us. Things that were dormant are emerging, like the blossoming of a lotus flower — just like the Full Moon that has also reached its fullest form. At this time, we reflect on the moon and feel into the power of being at our fullest. The power of everything coming to the surface to be cleansed and healed.

What do we do in Women’s Circles? We gather together. We learn, meditate and move. Sometimes we dance and sing, we journal and contemplate, we listen to each other and allow ourselves to be seen. Shining our light onto the parts of us that the moon illuminates. Gathering together in community under the light of the Full Moon, we reflect our own bright lights to those around us. We celebrate the fullness of the moon, sharing what it is time for us to release. This is a powerful time for guidance, healing, and magic to take place, calling in guidance, healing, and magic.

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