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Yoga Philosophy Masterclass Weekend with Sannyasi Sivani

Join Sannyasi Sivani, a world class teacher with 1000+ hours of intensive Yoga training for an enlightening weekend.

Yoga Philosophy Satsang

Date: Friday, June 9th – 6:00pm to 8:00pm (2 hours)
Cost: $49 per person

An evening of Yoga Philosophy and “sitting in truth” directed by the participants. Sannyasi Śivani holds space as a hollow bone, receiving teachings to share based on YOUR questions. Ask about the things you’ve always wanted to dive deeper into and wondered about.

Prana in the Pose

Date: Saturday, June 10th – 1:00pm to 4:00pm (3 hours)
Cost: $89 per person

An exploration of Asana through the Vayus – or winds of the body, and how they are a crucial link between “doing” a posture, and “evolving” through a mandala or gesture of light using the body. When we link the Mind’s focus, the awareness of Prana or energy, and the optimal alignment for each of our bodies, we can truly start to experience, absorb and calibrate our frequencies to the medicine of each Yoga Asana pose.


Date: Sunday June 11th – 2:00pm to 4:00pm (2 hours)
Cost: $59 per person

Experience a 90-minute Yoga practice to refine your pranic awareness in Asana. This is an incredible opportunity to evolve your practice on the mat into a moving prayer. There will be 30-minutes following the practice to integrate with questions and answers.

Full Weekend (includes all 3 sessions) – $179

Learn more about Sannyasi Sivani at Solace and Shine!

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