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Meet The Team

Wendy Debeck

Marisha Schaefer

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Samantha Joy

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Michele Archibald

Edna Yalland

Melanie Talson

Moriah Rose

Inka Sass

Sonja Foss

Sonja Foss

Ashley Terry

Sara Leslie

Sara Leslie

Keir Hendee

Andrea Pecho

Melissa Birnie

Carole Gosse

Leah Ralph

Catherine Janes

All Ways Yoga Foundations


“Something powerful brought the two of us together, and we’ve been co-creating ever since!”

How we got started:

We are both Moms and have a deep love for yoga, community and connection.

As business owners, we are passionate for All Ways Yoga to bring our shared vision of creating and holding space for connection and growth to life.

We’re so glad you’re here with us, in All Ways.

Amy & Hilary