Amy Haysom • All Ways Yoga

Amy Haysom

Amy is All Ways Yoga co-owner, Founder of Spirit of Adventure Yoga and Education, and part of our teaching team too!

Amy’s certifications include: 200 hour Vinyasa training at
Fernwood Yoga Den; 500 hour Moksha/Modo Yoga training; Advanced Vinyasa
training with Natalie Rousseau; Trauma Sensitive Yoga; Yin Yoga; Acro Yoga;
and Children’s Yoga. She loves teaching all things related to yoga
and adventure based programming…and generally
playing with the creative life force in us all!

Get to know Amy.

If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be? Vandana Shiva. She is a vibrant female guru from India, and she is such a strong advocate for the health of the planet. She is warm, she is wise, and she is powerful. I imagine being in her presence would be very special.

What practice would you like to explore more? Ayurveda…I find this science of the body so fascinating and would like to bring the idea of nutrition and body health practices as preventive medicine into my own life even more.

If you could swap jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be, and why? With someone who researches/studies dolphins. I read a fictional book once where a dolphin researcher starts to connect with the dolphins through ESP. Since a young age, I’ve always wondered if that would be possible. Connecting with dolphins up close sounds incredible.

Amy’s class list

Classes show one week in advance only. Please see full schedule for all classes.