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Ashley Terry

I took my initial 500 hour teacher training through Modo Yoga International in the summer of 2019 where I began to explore what it meant to trust my own voice and learned how to use intuition to hold space for others through the vehichle of yoga. Since then I have also completed a 50 hour Flow & Sequence training that allows me to offer both Hatha and Flow classes in studio. In my classes I love to incorporate a mixture of accessibility, philosophy, and simplicity. I value representing a space that is body positive and creates room for a creative and personalized practice.

Get to know Ashley.

If you could have dinner with somebody famous who would it be? Oprah Winfrey! I am a lover of wisdom and consistent self reflection. I love engaging in conversations about life and would love to get into some deep conversation with Oprah!

What do you admire most about your childhood self? I admire the ability I had to be who I was without questioning myself.

What practice would you like to explore more? I tend to have a preference towards creative and challenging classes that make me sweat. However, I’ve experienced the benefits of a regular Yin practice to compliment that and I would love to make Yin a more regular part of my Yoga practice.

Ashley’s class list

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