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Carole Gosse

I have been teaching and practicing OHY for over 10 years.

Yoga came late into my life. In my first Original Hot Yoga class in 2009, I knew I had found something profoundly unique and different and soon became a certified Yoga instructor at the age of 52.

My yoga practice has evolved to include different yoga modalities – I love Yin, Flow and Ashtanga and try to apply a simple yoga philosophy with each new practice: one class at a time, one posture at a time and one breath at a time.

See you in the Hot room soon!

Get to know Carole.

Describe one of your most memorable yoga classes. A most memorable class was when I finally could reach my heels in Camel!! It took a heck of a lot of self trust to overcome my panicky fears but once I touched them, I knew I could do more– it was quite a boost in my confidence to keep practicing, keep trying.

Another memorable class was when I finally connected my mind/body/breath in savasana – a feeling of total peaceful relaxation just being me on the mat…all new experiences for me late in life!

What’s something that restores you? The love for my family, my perennial garden, my lazy days beach combing and a regular yoga practice with friends. A moving meditation…!

Looking back, what do you admire most about your childhood self? My curiosity and not being afraid to try new things and my kindness with others

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