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Catherine Janes

Catherine is a RYT-200 teacher and completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga Lab
Victoria. As a mom of two young girls and an avid practitioner, Catherine decided to leave
her government job to raise her kids and pursue yoga teaching and she hasn’t looked
back! Catherine’s intention is that students feel encouraged, nourished and inspired from
her classes.


Get to know Catherine.

How do you recognise when you’re stressed? When I’m stressed, I experience heart palpitations. They have been a precious gift in my life as they are what brought me to my mat, established my daily yoga practice and set me on my teaching journey. Yoga has been a transformational tool for me to slow down, calm my nervous system and take time for me. Whenever I notice my heart palpitations returning, I know I need to hit my mat.

What’s something that restores you? Forest walks! I live in Dean Park and am lucky to have a provincial park a short walk from my house. After a busy day with my kids, nothing feels better than getting outside and taking my Doodles into the forest, rain or shine. The forest has this magical way of soothing my soul, melting my worries and reminding me of what’s truly important.

What’s a daily habit you can’t live without? Bubble baths. There’s something so relaxing and nourishing about finishing my day with a hot bath. Whether I light a candle, read a book or simply just rest, this self care ritual allows me to soak away my day and have a good night’s sleep.

Catherine’s class list

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