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Inka Sass

Certified Hatha yoga instructor. 500 hours Therapeutic Core 26 Hot Yoga Teacher training. Graduated April 2019.

From there on, I thrive and strive to be, and become,
a teacher that guides you to do your best practice
“with the body that you have today”~ All ways! 🙂


Get to know Inka.

What’s your silliest fear? I tell myself that the day will come where I will have time to read all my books and magazines I have bought or been given over many moons, and my silliest fear is that day might never come!

Describe your most memorable yoga class? It was towards the end of my teacher training. One of the last classes, filled with eagerness and high energy of 32 to be teachers that were about to graduate from extreme hard work both physically and mentally. 90 minutes of sheer determination, vibrant positive energy, and moving together in unison, knowing we can do anything and at this moment, THIS was yoga. A mesmerizing beautiful experience of what yoga is.

Ocean or forest? I dive into the ocean, and time stands still. Moments of clarity and peacefulness, mingled with the breath of life as I resurface. I feel alive. Grateful for our ocean that surrounds us where we are living.

Inka’s class list

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