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Janet Budden

I took my training in Nova Scotia. I remember being worried about what the training was going to be like – would I like the style, would it suit me and my yearning for a peaceful practice … reflecting back, Kripalu yoga was the best style I could have picked.

I have been teaching yoga now about 15 years.
I love the energy within the room from the opening grounding to
the asanas to the closing Shavasana. To me, it’s a meditation in motion.


Get to know Janet.

What’s your most memorable yoga class? The ones that really stand out are the Restorative Classes. People are coming just to reset and absorb the energy. They walk in to a dimly lit studio, gather their props, and lay on their mats … and that’s the most work they have to do.
P.S. The Goat Yoga class I took ranks up there as the most fun … but that’s a whole other dynamic.

What’s a practice you’d like to explore more deeply? Somatics. I want to complete my training in this because I think it is very beneficial, especially with chronic pain, old injuries, as well as decreased mobility and range of motion.

Forest or Ocean? I like them both – the forest is quiet and soothing and back to nature with no distractions. The ocean, however, is ever changing. The sounds of the waves are soothing and you can sit and watch the water forever, with a constantly changing landscape. The waves might get bigger, the sound might change into short, gentle laps of the water on shore or grow to a smashing tempo on the shoreline or the rocks. One of my favourite things about the ocean is the wind. It can be soothing or it can manifest to a powerful force – whipping your hair around the face and giving you the feeling at times of blowing away in the gusts.

Janet’s class list

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