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Jonni-Lyn Friel

Jonny-Lyn is a certified Jivamukti teacher and her classes are full of philosophy, breathing practices and lots of fun.

Jonni-Lyn has been teaching yoga since 2006, where she took
her first teacher training in Athens, Greece. She had a studio
at the foot of the acropolis, teaches retreats and teacher trainings
internationally and loves to share the wisdom of her teachers,
grow peoples practices and make you laugh!

Get to know Jonni-Lyn.

What is a passion of yours that you’ve acted on? And one that you have not yet acted on? A passion of mine is travelling, which I have acted on. I have travelled and lived all over the world and at one point, lived out of my backpack for a long, long time. If I couldn’t carry it,

I left it behind!

A passion that I have not yet acted on is living on a farm or in the woods, growing herbs and making medicine. Yet!

What’s something that restores you? A few things restore me. Walking in the forest or swimming in the sea, belly laughs with good friends, dancing like a maniac, hugs and love from my family all lift me back up.

What I admire most about my childhood self? I was an earthly explorer. I’ve always had a keen interest, love, and deep connection to nature. You’d often find me running around barefoot, even in the pouring rain, digging in the dirt and collecting little critters. From a very young age I knew the benefits of grounding and digging my toes deep into the earth, hugging the trees, and breathing in the vital air of the forest. The forest always felt like home for me, and still does.

Jonni-Lyn’s class list

Classes show one week in advance only. Please see full schedule for all classes.