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Keir Hendee

In 2010 I completed my 9 week Bikram teacher training in San Diego.

After getting in a car accident and dealing with chronic back pain, I decided to try some yoga. After my first class I realized a significant improvement in my back pain so naturally I was hooked! After that experience I decided to delve deeper…

I enjoy spending most of my time with my wife and my two kids. I also have 3 dogs, and I love spending time outdoors.

Get to know Keir.

One of my most memorable yoga classes? My most memorable class would have to be my first! I really didn’t know what to expect, and it was extra hot that day… I remember thinking in the first few minutes: what did I get myself into, I watched the second hand of the clock ticking and it felt like time had been slowed down. So it wasn’t a pleasant experience but the next day I felt AMAZING, so I came back. Classes only got easier after that!

What’s something that restores you? The 26/2; I love it, it’s something I can always count on.

What’s a daily habit that you can’t live without? I can’t live without Drinking water!

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