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Kristyn Foster

Kristyn recently planted roots here on Vancouver Island after growing up in beautiful eastern Ontario.

Kristyn is a RYT-200 teacher with a deep connection to traditional
yoga philosophy and wisdom teachings, combined with an innate
sense of presence on the mat.

As a passionate and devoted Yoga Nidra practitioner, she takes
students on a journey into a deep state of relaxation and light altered
consciousness to nourish the central nervous system
and to let go of what no longer serves them.


Get to know Kristyn.

One of my most memorable yoga classes? My very first in-studio Yoga Nidra class at my home studio back in Peterborough, Ontario. I felt so support, grounded, safe and at ease in my body for the first time in many years. As the practitioner was guiding me, I all of a sudden began to cry underneath my eye pillow as we were exploring sensations and the felt sense of emotions in the body. I didn’t feel sad or emotional in the present moment, but had uncovered some deeply rooted emotions that even I was unaware about; things from my past coming to the surface. After that practice I felt enlightened, renewed, restored, and lighter.

What’s something that restores you? I absolutely love to go snorkeling and freediving in the ocean. This is such a magical experience where there is nothing but you and your own heartbeat. It’s almost meditative, as you swim and float through the underwater kelp forests, exploring a world unknown, with only the sound of your breath at the surface. The cold water has its many benefits too! It’s truly humbling and restoring.

What I admire most about my childhood self? I was an earthly explorer. I’ve always had a keen interest, love, and deep connection to nature. You’d often find me running around barefoot, even in the pouring rain, digging in the dirt and collecting little critters. From a very young age I knew the benefits of grounding and digging my toes deep into the earth, hugging the trees, and breathing in the vital air of the forest. The forest always felt like home for me, and still does.

Kristyn’s class list

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