Leah Ralph • All Ways Yoga

Leah Ralph

Leah comes from a long history of dance, and brings her knowledge of the body in motion to her classes.

Leah teaches both Pilates and Barre, and weaves them
together to develop core strength, balance, and general
strength and flexibility. She is a Mom, loves the water,
and you’ll most often find her generally
challenging her edges!


Get to know Leah.

What would you like to explore more? I would love to explore kundalini yoga more as it was the first practice of yoga I started out of a book while living in Mexico well over 20 years ago.

What is something that restores you? Water energy is always my go to when I need any kind of restoration. I could sit on the beach, get on a paddleboard, be on a boat or swimming in any body of water and that is when I am most in the moment and feel content.

Looking back, what do you admire most about your childhood self? I mostly admire the fact that I was fearless as a child. I was willing to try anything, the words I can’t were not in my vocabulary. I have started living in that direction recently by trying new things and identifying if I’m feeling fearful, realizing I have to do it anyway as long as it doesn’t hurt me.

Leah’s class list

Classes show one week in advance only. Please see full schedule for all classes.