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Melanie Talson

I have been practicing yoga for 30 years and leading students in their personal practice for 10. My greatest joy as a teacher is the relational experience we all share in the practice. This relationship exists between body, breath, mind, and spirit; between and among all of the people sharing the space; and, in the feedback ‘loop’ generated from my words to students’ physical expression and back again from the observed physical practice to the words spoken. Co-creating a strong and soft practice that touches all systems of the body and meets everyone where they are on their mat each day is my highest achievement and greatest privilege.

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Describe one of your most memorable yoga classes? In this same studio space years ago at Hot Yoga Sidney; it was a special Advanced Bikram class taught by Bronwyn. It was so challenging, humbling, exciting and rewarding that it has just stuck with me.

If you could have dinner with someone famous (living or not), who would you choose and why? Rudolph Nureyev to hear his story, to be dazzled by his personality and to revel in his passion and art.

Ocean or Forest? Forest every day, ocean most days. I like the way I feel in the forest, no matter the weather, time of day, season or amount of light, the feeling for me is the same in the forest, and I find that consistency grounding. The ocean is different every time, which is exciting yet also familiar and comforting.

At the beach, everything is in a constant, visible and palpable state of change from the movement of the water, temperature, clarity, to the light, reflections, sounds, and all the physical attributes of the shoreline makes for a different or “new” beach every time I visit. There is something good for my soul in the ocean that can’t be reached in the same way hiking to the tallest peaks. There is a sense of ‘cleansing the soul’ in the ocean which I find rejuvenating and revitalizing; I love to swim and aspire to continue to dip in the ocean in all seasons for many years to come.

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