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Melissa Birnie

Melissa has had a passion for movement since childhood. As a former competitive figure skater, dedication, focus and commitment are just some of her core values.

She is a multi-certified teacher of barre, mat Pilates, and yoga, and she loves combining aspects from all three disciplines to create a dynamic class with a focus on strength, stability, bodily awareness, and most importantly, mindfulness.


Get to know Melissa.

Who would you want to have dinner with. Someone famous and why? A tie between Betty White and Marilyn Monroe.
I mean…. How fun would that dinner be! Betty on her second martini, bouncing stories off Marilyn. They always honoured their true authentic selves and did it so unapologetically. Would break the barriers of fitting into the societal norms, progressive thinkers, grace, freedom and epic fun til their final breath. Dinner would be epic.

What is something that restores you? Movement, alone time, bubble baths, candles, puppy cuddles, bold and spicy reds, 90s movies, nature, bodies of water, playlists, cooking. To name a few.

Ocean or Forest? Why?Ocean. I grew up in the Yukon and my parents kept a sailboat 2 hours north in Skagway, Alaska. My childhood summers were spent exploring the shorelines of Alaska,traveling from marina to marina, living that dock life. I remember it felt like a completly different world. I had so much curiosity. So much to see, smell, touch, It was a sensory overload. I still chase that feeling. Still to this day I love being on, in, or around the ocean. Mermaid is definitely my spirit animal.

Melissa’s class list

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