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Samantha Joy

Samantha lives in the serene community of Deep Cove with her young daughter and Siamese tabby cat. She is a classically trained harpist and vocalist, linguist, MOA, and Reiki practitioner who enjoys reading ancient scriptures and sipping matcha lattes. With her knowledge of Kundalini and Nada Yoga, Samantha is passionate about the transformative power of movement and sound, and uses these as healing technologies in her practice.

Get to know Samantha.

Describe one of your most memorable yoga classes
In the ajoupa at Kariwak Village in Tobago — I did my first kundalini class here and got over 30 mosquito bites. But it was so beautiful! And this class really showed me how strong I am, and this is where I truly fell in love with yoga.

What’s something that restores you?
The ocean, music, and meditation.

Describe your silliest fear
Spiders! Eew. And airlines losing my luggage..

Samantha’s class list

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