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Sara Leslie

Sara uses her practice to ground herself wherever she is.

Meet Sara, a skilled and passionate yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching expertise. Her journey into the world of yoga began with intensive training under the guidance of the renowned Ana Forrest, shaping the foundation of her practice. Sara specializes in Hatha and Vinyasa styles, weaving a unique blend of tradition, fluidity, and functional anatomy into her classes.

Driven by a profound interest in functional movement, Sara delves into the intricacies of anatomy, drawing inspiration from her regular practice sessions with the esteemed Jason Crandell. Her commitment to holistic well-being extends beyond the yoga mat. A graduate of Pacific Rim College with a Diploma in Phytotherapy (Western Herbal Medicine), Sara explores the healing power of plants to complement her yoga teachings.

Fascinated by the brain-body connection, Sara immerses herself in her continued education of movement from a neurocentric approach. Under the guidance of Dr. Eric Cobb at Z Health Performance Solutions, she explores the intersection of movement, neurology, and overall wellness.

Energetic, welcoming, and imbued with a sense of joy, Sara believes in the transformative power of lifestyle choices on one’s health. Her classes focus on physical well-being but emphasize the importance of a vibrant and mindful existence.

Before embarking on her journey of a more conventional education in wellness, Sara lived the wind-sport athlete’s dream, an experience that sculpted her business name, Windsoul Wellness. The name reflects Sara’s belief in practicing wellness wherever life’s winds may take you.

For a glimpse into Sara’s teachings and vibrant approach to life, visit her online at and follow her on Instagram at @windsoulwellness. Meet Sara on the mat and let the winds of well-being carry you to a healthier and more balanced life.

Get to know Sara.

What’s something that restores you? Being in nature in general, but specifically I love kiteboarding! Kiting always makes me feel alive and free. The physicality output and the cognitive focus it takes to ride brings me back into myself.

How do you recognize when you’re stressed? When I’m stressed I can’t sleep! Sleep is a huge root to wellness and as soon as I feel restless at night I know that as a sign to slow down and practice extra self care.

Looking back, what do you admire most about your childhood self? When I was a child I was extremely shy, but this also made me quite observant. I was very internal and spent a lot of time watching other people and listening.

Sara’s class list

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