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Sonja Foss

Since 2012, Sonja has studied with several teachers and schools on yoga philosophy, yin, yoga nidra, kundalini, vinyasa, power, hatha & restorative. Once a professional land use planner, specializing in Indigenous land management, yoga evolved from her passion, to a side-hustle & is progressively becoming her full-time way of being. In 2018, she opened her own yoga school, leads 200hr YTTs, but by day, Sonja uses her unique psychic abilities to serve mission-driven entrepreneurs aiming to create big impacts in their communities and the world. If you would like to learn more about her gifts and business, please visit Oracle Teachings or experience her new free live channeling sessions for entrepreneurs on LinkedIn.

Get to know Sonja.

Describe one of your most memorable yoga classes. It was in the jungle of Costa Rica. I had been practicing yoga for 8-10 hours a day. Meditating by the ocean daily. Eating beautifully healthy food. I had quit my job for the experience & was ready to leave my old “self” behind. One morning, I sweated for two hours in a strong & challenging power yoga class. Once I lay down in savasana, it was as though my entire body floated off of the floor. I felt strong & firm hands press into my palms to reground me, but when I opened my eyes, there was no one there. It was the first time I had burst through my egoic resistance to all things non-physical and felt a deep healing experience of allowing my spirit guides to support my evolution.

What practice would you like to explore more? I am currently obsessed with the mind-body connection & how trauma is held by the body. I am applying for the 800 yoga therapy program at Ajna yoga to be able to support people in a more physical way. “Saucha” – the Sanskrit word that means cleanliness of mind & body is the niyama (personal way of conducting oneself) I’m working with currently to see how I can improve my internal yoga practice & support others to do the same in a way that helps them achieve a pain-free life.

If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would you choose? The famous person I’d have dinner, in a heartbeat(!!), is Abraham Hicks. Esther Hicks is a channeller, like me. She channels Infinite Intelligence that refers to itself as “Abraham”. They are fun, loving and all knowing on how to live one’s best life in the most simplest of teachings. I’d love to channel Source while Esther is channelling Abraham and see what they would have to say to each other! I think it would be so fun.

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