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Wendy Debeck

Starting 2006, Wendy has taken a diverse range of both contemporary and classical yoga trainings and courses totaling 1430 hours, 930 of those hours being Yoga Alliance certified. She is thankful to all her teachers and to their teachers and to theirs.

Currently she seeks authentic Vedic wisdom and studies with Ram Vakalanka, Sanskrit expert, Yoga Philosopher, and Nada Yogi.

Wendy comes from an athletic background of team sports, which morphed to the gym and aerobics to snowboarding, and from 2006 she’s been devoted to yoga asana for physical wealth alongside the emotional stabilizing that using her body in conjunct with the mind, offers.

Hatha yoga postures practiced diligently and faithfully have had a pivotal role to play in redirecting her course and she feels she is now doing exactly what she were meant to do- sharing herself dynamically and wholeheartedly to those so drawn.

Get to know Wendy.

If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be? I’d have a plant-based meal with Captain Paul Watson (Canadian born eco hero – co founder of Greenpeace, sole founder of Sea Shepherd, now at 71, sole founder of Neptune’s Pirates).

What practice would you like to explore more? Yoga is so vast, so wide, so wise, and endless. Ram says finding one Vedic text and committing to it, is more than enough for one lifetime, and still I can’t learn all of it; I will study yoga always.

What’s a daily habit that you can’t live without? I’d resisted cold plunging for years. Now that I’ve started, it’s not possible to stop – the mental effects are just too good. Tips: look up Brown Adipose Tissue, and how to be a Super Ager!


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