All Ways Yoga - Flow with us in our new studio

Our Studio is located in SET,TINES, Sidney BC

All Ways Yoga Inc. was founded on the Saanich Peninsula, and we are honoured to have our studio on the W̱ŚANEĆ Territory

On Arrival

You will notice our designated parking spaces and bicycle rack available for your use. Additional street parking is also available during busy times. You will be welcomed into our bright, open, 3,000 sq ft studio by one of our dedicated and passionate instructors.

Entering the studio

You will be requested to remove shoes at the door before continuing into the studio space and, at this time, masks are optional.

Hot or Not

Our studio is equipped with 12 ceiling mounted infrared heat panels to provide comfortable sun-like warmth that is non allergenic and non drying for our hot and warm classes. We are proud to be offering both heated and non heated classes at our studio and we will ensure that all of our classes are clearly designated in the class title with (Hot) or (Warm) if the heat panels are on.

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Signing In

Upon check in at our front desk you will be guided to any of our multiple changerooms, bathrooms, or directly to our 1,400 sq ft mirrored practice space. Please note that online or in person registration is available through our Mindbody system.

Before your class

Feel free to use our cold water fill station located beside our reception desk. Our props are located upstairs and available for your use at no additional cost.

Prop Cupboard

Please help yourself to a mat if needed, and whatever props you may also need for your class. Ensure a fresh cover has been put on your bolster and remove it after class. The used straps and bolster covers can be placed in the designated laundry basket on the bottom shelf. Used blocks can be sprayed with provided Benefect disinfection and left to dry on the bottom shelf. We sincerely appreciate the support to keep this offering available for everyone at no additional cost.

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After your class

Please ensure all mats and props used are cleaned and returned to our prop cupboard upon completion of your class. There are showers available in our changerooms for those who desire a rinse off after class.

Book the studio

Please email to inquire about booking the studio for workshops and events.